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We Attract, Select, & Represent Top Talent

Our in-depth industry knowledge & experience enables us to identify and attract professionals in a timely & effective manner.


The key to our success is our ability and capability to directly seek out and recruit specialized candidates. By utilizing multiple networks and modern recruitment tools, we cast a large net to identify potential candidates and bring in a larger talent pool for the specified search.


Selecting the right candidate takes time, hard work and a great deal of research but the true value in what we do is our ability to screen, negotiate and close candidates on your behalf. We'll work with you to fine tune the search in order to find exactly what you are looking for.


We take pride in our potential to connect great candidates to leading organizations like yours! That's why DMG inc. is able to ensure that the professionals we represent will meet your requirements and that they will be key contributors to the long-term success of your organization.

Proactive Recruiting

We are a Proactive Recruitment Firm, meaning that we anticipate the staffing needs of a business and work ahead to ensure that the best candidates are identified in advance and ready to be filled into any available roles as needed. In other words, we are always actively seeking candidates who may be suitable for roles within your company even when there are no immediate roles to fill. With this approach, we keep our network of qualified candidates stockpiled allowing us to provide more options for our clients and match organizations with highly skilled and specialized candidates faster than our competitors.

Our Process

Our philosophy is to develop key partnerships with each of our clients, ensuring that we understand their culture, vision, and the specific demands of their industry.

Step 1:

Utilize Recruitment Sources & Tools

  • Identification of Direct Competitors for Head Hunting
  • Identification of related industries
  • Review internal and external web-based databases as sourcing tools
  • Utilization of Trade Association Directories, University Directories, and other industry related directories and professional directories
  • Advertise the position confidentially on various job boards and websites to cast a wide net of candidates
  • Full utilization of social networking tools to identify and interact with candidates
  • Latest industry recruitment tools

Step 2:

The Search Strategy

The key account manager, along with the research team, will target competitive industries and companies through the help of our client meeting in identifying markets to target and go after. We will cast a large net to identify candidates and through our evaluation process will direct the right candidates through each stage of the process.

Step 3:

Roadmap To Recruitment Success

  • Voice of the Customer: the first key in a successful search
  • We prefer to work directly with the key stakeholders of our clients in the search process, as these individuals will provide key input into the identification and selection of the successful candidate and greatly improve the effectiveness of the search process.
  • The key Stakeholders of our clients will directly assist in the development of this road map, harnessing their industry knowledge and experience. Once we understand their needs and wants, we begin to implement the plan. These discussions will allow us to educate ourselves in the industry we are working in.
  • Determination of the critical to quality (CQT) search requirements will set the stage for the rest of the search effort. A thorough quantitative and qualitative of profile of our clients hiring department and the ideal candidate will be developed.
  • With the help of our client, we formulate the search strategy targeting specific industries and companies to find and attract the best candidates. The result is a comprehensive strategy covering all potential candidate sources.
  • We will look not only at the hard skills but also the business philosophy and culture when determining the ideal candidate for your organization. These candidate benchmarks will be used to assess each candidate.
  • We use the input of our client to narrow down on search in finding the perfect candidate. With each candidate presented we are able to fine tune the search to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • During the recruitment process we will be evaluating and measuring our approach and the recruitment strategy with our clients are specifically tailored to their needs.
  • After reviewing the market conditions and candidate availability sometimes adjustments have to be made to shape and fine tune finding the right candidate.

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